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Cloud Payroll anywhere, anytime . . .

Single Touch Payroll for almost any sized business.

No trial no need, pay your first 2 employees 100% free!

Single touch payroll software suitable or small and large businesses.
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e-PayDay Go is a cloud-based payroll built to Single Touch Payroll Phase 2.
Flexible payroll management, Single Touch Payroll reporting.
The Personal Details Accordion defines the Payee's contact details and payroll identifiers.

Powerful by design, yet simple to use.

We already know payroll is complicated, our job is to help make pay day easier.

We enable you to meet the latest Australian Taxation Office requirements and assist with your Fair Work compliance obligations. Easy-to-use, providing payroll essentials at your fingertips.

Pay Types
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Easy Leave Accural Management

Comprehensive Super Administration

Built-in Single Touch Payroll Reporting

Banking made easy with Holding Accounts

Customisable Pay Advices and powerful Reporting

Why us?

Put e-PayDay Go to work for you allowing you to invest your time where it's needed the most.

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Easy setup

Many options are pre-configured, allowing to get started quickly.

Includes power future-proof functionality with easily customisable features suitable for almost any payroll requirements.

Built-in availability of Fair Work Awards

Fair Work Awards are available in "real-time" direct from the Fair Work Ombudsman.


Obtained directly Fair Work.


Automatic notification of updates.


Watch this space.

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Comprehensive range of included Pay Types

Pre-configured templates, ready-to-use catering for almost all payment types, worked, leave, termination, lump sum etc.


Pay Rates







Powerful Payroll Engine

Under the hood, the power is in the configuration.

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With the introduction of Single Touch Payroll Phase 2, the requirement for the Disaggregation of the Gross was introduced with separately reported amounts assigned to income types. Additionally, other components are required to be separately itemised and reported.

The power within e-PayDay Go is provided with the ability to configure the requirements; you have complete granular control. The benefits include a future-proof solution that allows ongoing maintenance of the never-ending changes to payroll.

Single Touch Payroll Payee Tax Treatment

Payee Tax Treatment

A Tax Treatment is determined from information provided by the payee and is used to calculate the payee's withholding tax by applying specific tax rates. Tax treatments include, Regular, Seniors and Pensioners, Working Holiday Makers, Foreign Resident, no TFN, Voluntary Agreement and others.

Single Touch Payroll Payee Tax Treatment

Income Stream

When processing a pay run, amounts are allocated to income types such as Salary and Wages, Closely Held employees, Working Holiday Makers, Foreign Employment Income and others. Country codes may be applicable, and multiple income types can be reported for the same payee throughout the year.

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Paid Leave

Leave is paid for numerous reasons with the payments now being reported separately and can be assigned the following codes, Cash out of leave in service, Unused leave on termination, Paid Parental Leave, Workers' Compensation, Ancillary and Defence Leave and Other Paid Leave.

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Overtime is paid when an employee works additional time beyond their ordinary hours of work or outside, the agreed number of hours or the spread of ordinary hours (the times of the day ordinary hours can be worked). These payments are consolidated and reported as a single amount.

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Directors Fees

Payments made to Directors or to a person who performs the duties of a director of the company are reported separately.​ These payments may include compensation to cover costs incurred in performing the role of a company director. These payments are consolidated and reported as a single amount.

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Lump Sum Payments

Depending on the timing or nature of the lump sum payment a concessional tax rate may be applicable. Payments such as Unused annual leave or annual leave loading, Long service leave paid out on termination, Genuine redundancy or early retirement scheme payment, Back payments, and Return to work payments are separately itemised and reported.

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Union and professional association fees, and Workplace giving are the two deduction types reported and are separately itemised.

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RFBA amounts are reported as either T, Taxable (employer) or X, Exempt (employer).

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Allowances are additional payments, separately reported and allocated to type categories such as Cents per KM, Award Transport Payment, Laundry, Overtime Meal, Tool, Task, Qualification/Certificate, Domestic or Overseas Travel/Accommodation Allowances  and Other.

Single Touch Payroll Bonuses and Commissions

Bonuses and commissions

Bonus and commission are typically lump sum payments paid for reaching a goal, performance achievement or for a service. Bonuses can include something such as an event (e.g. Christmas), retention, performance, and return-to-work bonus after parental leave. These payments are consolidated and reported as a single amount.

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Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice amounts are reported separately and include the pre-sacrificed income amounts with two types available, Superannuation, and Other Employee Benefits.

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Employment Termination Payments

A lump sum payment made as a result of the termination of a person's employment is allocated an ETP type code depending on the purpose such as  Life Benefit - Redundancy, Life Benefit - Other,  Death Benefit - Dependant, Death Benefit - Trustee of the Deceased Estate. These amounts are separately reported.

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When reporting salary sacrificed amounts, you report the actual amount of salary and wages which was sacrificed as one of the following salary sacrifice types:

Super (Salary Sacrifice Type S) – for super to a complying fund or retirement savings account (RSA) or Other employee benefits (Salary Sacrifice Type O) – for benefits other than super.

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RESC are reported separately if your employee can influence the rate or amount of super you contribute for them, and the contributions are in addition to the compulsory contributions. 


From API integrations to powerful functionality, e-PayDay Go has it all.

Need to connect your app to powerful payroll functionality? Our API opens endless opportunities with secure access to our power payroll engine. Add payroll functionality to any app and save time and money in the process.

API Coming Soon
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